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Advanced Wound Management

Smith+Nephew's Advanced Wound Management portfolio provides comprehensive solutions to meet broad and complex clinical needs and to help healthcare professionals reduce the human and economic consequences of wounds. These include products for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds such as leg, diabetic and pressure ulcers, burns, and post-operative wounds.

To submit a proposal, navigate to the appropriate study type at the bottom of the page and click the ‘Submit Proposal’ button within. For support during the submission process please use the ‘Contact Us’ box on the Home page.
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Smith+Nephew recognizes the importance of supporting Clinical Activities that lead to a greater understanding of our therapies and their potential applications, improved patient care, and new ideas for further research.​

We accept unsolicited requests for research grants from academic and community-based clinician-scientists who are interested in conducting their own activity.

All investigators who are awarded support must provide Smith+Nephew with ongoing study updates and final deliverables.

We welcome proposals for a variety of clinical activities including Investigator Initiated Studies (IISs), Manuscript and Abstract Preparation activities, Collaborative Clinical Research projects and Real World Evidence activities. Click the tiles at the bottom of this page to learn more about each and proceed with proposal submission.

As the sponsor of the study, the investigator and/or institution assume responsibility for all aspects of the study.

  • Study design and protocol development
  • Institutional and regulatory approvals and reporting
    • IRB/EC approval
    • Registration on ClinicalTrials.gov
    • IND/IDE application submission
    • Serious adverse event reporting to the FDA, IRB, and Smith+Nephew
  • Study conduct in accordance with ICH GCP Guidelines and all applicable local and regulatory requirements
  • Communication of all ongoing study updates (see section below)
  • Reconciliation and closeout reporting (see section below)
  • Clinical study report submission within 90 days of study completion
  • Dissemination of study results in a peer-reviewed publication and/or at a medical meeting within 6 months of study completion

The Investigator needs to complete a study proposal and budget, these will be provided once you have selected the relevant study type below.

Researchers are invited to submit their concept proposal using this Smith+Nephew submission portal via the ‘Submit Proposal’ button found on each study types page – found by first navigating to a Product type page. Each submission will be reviewed collectively by the Smith+Nephew Review Committee based on scientific merit and alignment with corporate research, key business objectives and development plans.

Support is awarded based upon scientific merit, as well as alignment with our research areas of interest and availability of resources. We may provide research grants in the form of funding, and/or study product.

Once submitted, a review of your proposal will take place including initial proposal and budget review, before moving on to an in-depth departmental review.

The Investigator should not commence work on a proposal until a fully executed contract is in place. All contracts are with the Institution not the Investigator.

Smith+Nephew will provide all or partial funding for any Study that has been approved, it may also be possible for Smith+Nephew to provide the product(s) required directly, upon request. Investigators can not be paid directly. All funding is to the institution responsible for and housing the patient data.

The Investigator must notify Smith+Nephew of the following updates for ongoing studies:

  • Amendments to the study protocol
  • Regulatory re-approvals
  • Serious adverse events reports
  • Achievement of study milestones related to milestone payments
  • Subject enrollment progress (e.g., first subject in, last subject in, last subject out, etc.)

This can be done via the ‘Follow-up forms’ tab within your submitted proposal in the ‘My Submissions’ area.

A clinical study report (CSR) is required within 90 days of study completion. The CSR should be written in accordance with the ICH Guidance for Structure and Content of Clinical Study Reports. Please refer to our guidance document here. A CSR template is provided for you here.

All publications should comply with recognized ethical standards concerning publications and authorship, including the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

Smith+Nephew may request to be able to review the results at least 30 days in advance of submission for publication. For research support that includes funding, the final milestone payment is dependent on submission for publication or presentation of study results.

Benefits to you: Funding support for research interests, Opportunities to collaborate with peers by participating in multi-center S&N sponsored studies and Med Ed opportunities to attend advanced courses/conferences

Benefits to S+N: Evidence to guide strategic direction for the life of the product, Clinical data to support product claims & meet regulatory requirements

Pressure Injury Prevention

  • Total Solutions - LEAF + ALLEVYN or LEAF + ALLEVYN + SKIN CARE
  • Pressure Injury Prevention in at Risk Populations - ICU, OR, ER, Pediatrics/Neonates, Palliative/End of Life Care

Prevention of Surgical Site Complications

  • PICO
Reduction of surgical site complications in high risk patient groups -v- standard of care – including health economic outcomes
Improving clinical and economic outcomes in chronic wounds

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

  • PICO
    Improvement in wound healing and patient-related outcomes, including health economic outcomes, compared to standard care within the following wound types – DFU, VLU, Open Surgical Wounds, PU
    • Use of the RENASYS NPWT system in complex case management
    • Use of RENASYS NPWT as part of an acute discharge pathway
    • Use of RENASYS and PICO to treatment open wounds as part of a pathway approach

    Click HERE for detailed Request for Proposal information on RENASYS


  • ACTICOAT - in acute wounds (burns and trauma) and in chronic wound management (PU, VLU, DFU)
  • IODOSORB - in chronic wound management (PU, VLU, DFU)

Exudate Management

  • Use of ALLEYVN Life in hospital across variety of wounds
  • Use of ALLEVYN portfolio for exudate management in acute and community settings
  • Use of ALLEVYN portfolio for exudate management as part of a shared care approach

The following study types may be considered for support: 

  • Prospective or Retrospective clinical studies involving Smith+Nephew products 
  • Non-interventional research, such as epidemiology or outcomes studies, where the focus is on scientific understanding of the disease 

We do not provide support for the following: 

  • Proposals that are not aligned with our current areas of interest 
  • Proposals that are conditioned upon past or future prescriptions or purchases of Smith+Nephew products 
  • Requests that create a conflict of interest for Smith+Nephew 

  • Investigator Initiated Studies

    A clinical study designed and initiated by an investigator, whereby S+N provide funding (monetary or medical devices) but do not act as Sponsor.  Any type of study design (qualitative/quantitative) can be an IIS as the design of the study and proposal submitted to S+N for consideration comes directly from the Investigator/HCP. 
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  • Collaborative Research

    A clinical activity whereby the design and/or conduct of said activity is done jointly to collaborate on fulfilling the objectives of the activity.  

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  • Manuscript, Abstract, & Publication

    Any type of clinical research whereby an investigator/HCP approaches S+N to ask for assistance (monetary or resource) to analyse and/or write up their existing data (external to S+N) for publication or as a conference proceeding.

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  • Real World Evidence

    The collection or extraction of data from routine patient treatment, that is available within the patient medical record (paper or EMR) or at the time treatment/procedure.

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